Air Arabia is not only committed to providing affordable air travel but is also dedicating to uplifting the lives of the less fortunate. Taking responsibility and lead on social needs of local and international communities has been part of our success. To this end, the carrier has implemented a corporate social responsibility (CSR) program for sustainable development with an emphasis on providing better education and healthcare for underprivileged communities.

Air Arabia was among the first to introduce a sustainable CSR initiative by launching ‘Charity Cloud’ project in collaboration with Sharjah Charity International. The program aims on raising funds through certain initiatives such as on-board donations. The fund is raised and collected annually and re-invested in educational and medical care establishments in needed countries across Air Arabia network.

Charity Cloud Sustainable Projects

Jallaf, Sudan
Charity Cloud Clinic

In 2007, Air Arabia and Sharjah Charity International inaugurated the Charity Cloud Clinic, the first free medical clinic in the Jallas area of Sudan. Jallas is a desert area about 450 km away from the national capital, Khartoum, and has a population of over 20,000. The clinic, which is constantly being upgraded to provide better facilities, currently include an operation and examination room, maternity room as well as a fully equipped laboratory and pharmacy.

Warkapola, Sri Lanka
Charity Cloud School

Air Arabia sponsored a new school in the Warkabola area in Sri Lanka. The Charity Cloud committee donated an initial sum of US$61,000 to extend an existing school, providing learners with better education facilities. The new Charity Cloud School, expected to host over 300 students when completed, will offer quality education to the local community in Sri Lanka.

Kagithane, Turkey
Autistic Children Training Center

Charity Cloud Initiative took up the project of modernizing the Kagithane Autistic training center. Around a 100 students are benefiting from these services whereby the center is provided with stationary materials, desks, chairs, computers, musical instruments, educative materials, toys and many more.

Warkapola, Sri Lanka
Charity Cloud Clinic

The Charity Cloud Initiative established a medical clinic offering medical assistance across the county as well as complementing the existing Charity Cloud School in the area of Warkapola.

Kathmandu, Nepal
Charity Cloud School

Arabia sponsored the first phase of renovations of the Shree Shagyodaya Secondary School in Kathmandu, Nepal. The airline assisted in erecting a pump and containers to supply water to the school. Full adoption of the school renovation will commence as phase two.

Kerela, India
Charity Cloud School

The Charity Cloud Committee inaugurated its latest School in the Trissur district of Kerala, India. This school is the company’s first community school project in India and is in line with Air Arabia’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) programme for 2009. The school will offer quality education to children from the underprivileged sections of society.

Dar Sudan, Yemen
Charity Cloud Clinic

Charity cloud’s latest Charity Cloud Clinic in Dar Sudan Village in Yemen. The new clinic hosts and provides upgraded facilities, such as operations and examination room, maternity room as well as a fully equipped laboratory and pharmacy.

Social Initiatives 

Partnership with Sharjah Humanitarian City
Closer to home, Air Arabia has focused on making the lives of disable people a little easier. The company partnered with the Sharjah Humanitarian City (SHC) to help disabled persons who are flying with the airline and to assist them at airports. 

Bahrain Team Air Arabia
Bahrain Team Air Arabia competed against a strong field in the qualifying round and the main race of the 2009 Mumbai International Match Race Championship. The team was regarded as one of the favorites going into the event and did not disappoint, finishing fifth among 14 teams. It was also the first Arab team across the finish line.

Charity Cloud against Meningitis
Air Arabia has partnered with Sharjah Charity International to help combat the spread of meningitis in Sudan. Under the banner of the Charity Cloud Project, teams from both organizations went on medical mission to vaccinate Sudanese children against the deadly disease.Meningitis is an infection of the meninges, the thin lining that surrounds the brain and the spinal cord. The bacteria are transmitted from person to person through close contact, living in close quarters and sharing eating or drinking utensils. The charity Cloud project hops the vaccination will eradicate the disease, which claims thousands of lives in Africa every year. In 2007, there were 6,946 cases reported in Sudan, resulting in 430 deaths. 

Charity Cloud against Heart Disease
Small Hearts Campaign in Yemen, where more than 50 children with heart problems received free treatment. 

Sri Lanka Medical Campaign
Air Arabia and Sharjah Charity International organized a medical campaign in Sri Lanka to attend to medical problems of the aged in the country. A team of doctors addressed problems medical cases such as cardiovascular diseases, eye disorders and malnutrition.

House renovation
Air Arabia collaborated with Sharjah Social Empowerment, a foundation that helps renovate the homes of those who are in need. A team of 14 Air Arabia employees helped renovate the house of a widow and her 3 children in Sharjah. The employees joined hands with social workers and on-site professionals to take the project forward and complete the task.

Staff visits Charity Cloud Schools in India and Sri Lanka
In a bid to improve existing services and get more staff involved, Charity Cloud undertook a number of projects in 2013. One such initiative was to visit the Charity Cloud Schools in India and in Sri Lanka. Volunteers from various departments at Air Arabia visited the schools in order to evaluate their levels of operations and spend the day with the students. Some visits included the commissioning of Water Supply facilities, which provide sanitary water supplies to the institutions. Medical teams conducted general check-ups on all students and the principals, teachers and students were interviewed. 

Walk for Autism
Autism is the fastest growing development disorder affecting one in 85 children today. Research states that more children will be diagnosed with Autism this year than with AIDS, diabetes, and cancer combined. There is no medical detection or cure for Autism. The Walk for Autism 2013 provided an opportunity for Air Arabia to partner with Child Early Intervention Medical Center in improving the lives of those affected by this disorder. The walk took place in Za’beel Park, Deira –Dubai on April 20, 2013. The staff present at the event took this opportunity to spread the word about existing projects and explain about on-board donations. They also conducted fun activities such as face painting and photo booth with staff dressed in uniforms.

Collaboration with UNHCR
Air Arabia has successfully collaborated with UNHCR and collected donations to help provide education for refugee children in Yemen. Donation boxes were placed all across Air Arabia offices. At the end of Ramadan, the money was handed over to UNHCR to execute the initiative.

Staff visits Bangalore
A trip to Bangalore was organized for the employees to visit 2 orphanages and a home for the elderly. Air Arabia staff visited the sites in June 2013 during which clothes, dates and basic necessities, from food to soap, were distributed.

Staff visit to Nepal
To continue implementing the goals of Air Arabia's CSR initiative and to get staff involved in charity work and familiarize them with Charity Cloud initiatives, a staff visit to Prayas Orphanage in Nepal was arranged in mid February 2014 to support the home. The orphanage houses 38 orphans who range between the ages of 2 and 19. Air Arabia staff aided the orphanage by purchasing basic food, hygienic necessities and warm clothes for winter.

Air Arabia Maroc staff gather to support Al Ihsane and orphaned children of the Greater Casablanca
Air Arabia Maroc staff joined hands with “Al Ihsane association”, which is under the honorary presidency of HRH Princess Lalla Hasnaa. The employees of the airline donated and personally installed rugs to the orphanage that houses 200 children.

Air Arabia Jordan team visits Amman orphanage
Air Arabia Jordan staff and the company’s senior leadership team visited the "Jordanian Charitable Association for Qualification and Care for Orphans and Needy" in Amman on May 17,2015. The delegation toured the facilities, metthe children and ended their visit with a donation to the orphanage.


Young patients' dreams take to the skies

Two young Egyptian children, Mahmoud and Jana, who are currently patients at the 57357 Children’s Cancer Hospital in Egypt, have realized their dreams of taking to the skies, thanks to an initiative by Air Arabia staff.

The ‘Hope is a waking dream’ initiative, undertaken in the spirit of the holy month of Ramadan, and in line with the UAE’s ‘Year of Giving’ drive, saw Air Arabia staff flying in the two young dreamers to Sharjah, where they got the chance to live a day in the life of an Air Arabia Pilot and flight attendant.

Zayed's dream of flying just came true

The 'Year of Zayed' highlights the role of the late leader in establishing the UAE Federation and his local, regional and international achievements.

Air Arabia in collaboration with the Consultative Council of Sharjah and Sharjah Social Empowerment Foundation, Zayed’s dream has become a reality.

Little Zayed impressed everyone with his brilliant and impressive aviation knowledge. Zayed became an Air Arabia pilot for a day and actually had the opportunity to fly his favorite aircraft in our Air Arabia simulator.

Outfitted in a custom child-sized pilot’s uniform, hat and all, Captain Zayed reported for duty at Air Arabia’s Airbus A320 flight simulator in Sharjah.


You can help make a difference to many needy communities across the globe by simply donating your spare change, in any currency. Donations are only accepted on-board Air Arabia flights, inside the special envelopes provided in front of your seats.The fund collections are reviewed annually and invested in health and educational projects in impoverished nations through planned CSR initiatives.